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Local Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam insulation is an optimal way to seal your property to keep away moisture, allergens and pollutants. At Home Insulation & Supply, we apply spray foam in both new builds and existing buildings.
The team at Home Insulation & Supply can assess the state of your existing insulation and apply the correct spray foam insulation based on your home or business needs. Afterward, we will clean up our equipment to leave the space tidy. This will leave your home properly insulated to retain heat and improve air quality for years to come. Our spray foam insulation contractors ensure each project is thoroughly completed for complete customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Powerful Insulator. Since foam expands, all nooks and crannies in your space will be sealed thoroughly. These may have been left exposed using other methods of wall insulation.
  • Resistance Value. Spray foam’s resistance value is rated on its ability to provide an air-tight seal. Spray foam is ranked an R-6, which is exceptional.
  • Home Energy Savings. Thanks to spray foam being such a powerful insulator, you can save money on your energy expenses. One of the biggest reasons for increased energy bills are air leaks, which spray foam can eliminate.
  • Provides an Air-Tight Seal. This type of insulation is capable of thoroughly sealing the smallest holes and cracks in your attic or crawl space. Spray foam insulation creates a powerful air-tight seal that is less permeable to air infiltration than other types of insulation on the market.
  • Restricts Moisture. Any holes or cracks in the walls or crawl space allow water and moisture to get through. Insulating with spray foam can protect your spaces as it is also impermeable to water.

At Home Insulation and Supply, we take pride in providing quality spray foam insulation services. Our experienced team can walk you through the various benefits of spray foam insulation and help you determine if it is the right choice for your property.

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As a locally owned, independent company, we proudly offer spray foam installation in Buffalo, Amherst, West Seneca, Clarence, Orchard Park, Lancaster, Hamburg, New York, and beyond. Contact Home Insulation & Supply to request a quote for your project.